Sinai and Western Desert Safari Adventures, Egypt

Egypt desert tranquility and challenging mountain treks – Sub Sinai Desert Safari Adventures offers you the ultimate Sinai experience with our highly professional guides.

You can enjoy unforgettable Sinai desert holidays with Sub Sinai Adventures. Whether you are interested in jeep safari tours or trekking by camel or on foot, you will find all you need to know about Sinai at this website.

So many factors make the Sinai desert excursions and trekking tours not only unique, but also intriguing: the desert with its stunning colours and jagged mountains. Don't forget the ever practical and fantastically laid back Bedouin whose lifestyle and traditions date back thousands of years and are surprisingly little changed today.

Whether you want a week long Sinai desert camel safari, trip to sinai desert including yoga or just a one day camel trip, we guarantee that you will leave us with memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our Sinai desert trips and safari tours are professionally and efficiently organized. They are tried and tested; finally we set ourselves high standards in setting an example of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Sinai Guide

The Sinai peninsula

The Sinai peninsula has been the gateway between Africa and Asia since time immemorial and...



BSES Sinai Expedition

BSES Sinai Expedition
with Sub Sinai
Desert Safari Adventures,
Summer 2012



Sinai desert fauna

Learn about Fauna of the Sinai Desert.
Desert does not mean lifeless...


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