Short Stories

A Beautiful Dive
by Marc Cohen

I just arrived in a sunny day of February in Dahab. It was quite early, but the things started to move around despite that early time of the day. As I haven't been diving for a long time, I was quite anxious for a contact with the deeps again.
I found SUB SINAI dive center and after a short talk we agreed upon the price and the locations to where we shall dive. The equipment was loaded few minutes after and I jumped in the track following the dusty road to our first dive spot: THE CANYON. After 15 minutes of ride we reached the spot. I was together with Ahmed, one of the dive masters from the center and another two guys. French guys.
The short brief upon the site followed soon after we get off the car. I was following it with half of my senses, the other half being preoccupied to look at all those golden desert mountains behind us and to the beautiful see which was opening in front of us.
We started with 300 meters swimming towards the laguna. Then, we droped down.
For somebody who is at his first encounter with Dahab dive sites, it is a little bit shocking. All those coloured underwater life all over you... We reached the canyon. The canyon is a drop of 10-15 meters. The sensation it is overhelming. We reached the bottom. The air is a bit harder to breathe. We are following the guide and we exit the canyon through a hole into the fish bowl. There are lots of fish over there.
I watched my gauge. Still enough air. We are following the wall which lays on our right side. The corals are amazing...
I don't even know when I was on the beach again getting rid off the equipment. 47 minutes. The whole time spent underwater.

I will be back...
Thanks guys,


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