Short Stories

Bedouin Girls
by Mike gmt

Everyone who was in Dahab have seen these girls. As soon as the school ended - for those who have the school age - or early in the morning - for those who did not reached the school age, you see them on the beach. Trying to sell their famous "bracelets". For hands, neck or foot. Or where else you might want to put them.
For a newcomer they seem to be very insistent, sometimes aggressive. But it is just a surface. Because behind this behaviour there is an innocence specific to all of the kids. It is such a pleasant thing to watch them trying to convince you that you are in need of a "bracelet" in one of the more beautiful English to be heard around. They even try to provoke you for a game of backgammon. And, believe or not, most of this 5-7 years old girls are good playing this game. So, in a way or another, you end up by buying something from them...



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