Nabq A habitat is the area within which a specific form of life can be found. For the Sinai wildlife, there are specific areas where this habitat can be found. So these places have to be conserved, protected, and enhanced in order to ensure the perpetual existence of the wildlife and their habitats. These area are transformed either into National Parks or Managed Resources Protected Areas.

These are:

  1. The Ras Mohamed National Park (declared in 1983)
  2. The Nabq Managed Resource Protected Area (declared in 1992)
  3. The Abu Galum Managed Resources Protected Area (declared in 1992)
  4. The Saint Catherine Protected Area (declared in 1987)

These habitats are wild life sanctuaries in Sinai Peninsula so they need to be well preserved. As a tourist you are required to respect special rules in order to approach these places.


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