Wildlife Protection

Unfortunately, when wildlife and human's come into contact it is almost always the wildlife that suffers. Prior to affirmative action in the area of wildlife protection the populations of Dorcas Gazelle and Nubian Ibex had been decimated by hunting. Carnivores, especially the striped hyena and wolf have declined and the Sinai Leopard has been persecuted to the point where it may now be extinct. Their future depends on maintaining and increasing the numbers of prey species.
However, persecution continues in more subtle forms. Competition for grazing with local livestock, particulary goats, reduces the pasture available for wild species. There is also competition for water. In recent years desert tourism, particularly with 4x4 vehicles has had an adverse effect. Irresponsible drivers, each looking for their own piece of wilderness, churn up the desert damaging the plants and reducing pasture. As the number of vehicles grows, so does the problem.
The local Bedouin tribes have lived within Sinai's natural environment for centuries and have a deep knowledge of the natural history of the area that permeates virtually every aspect of their culture. With recent changes, associated with development, this wisdom is in danger of being lost.


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