El Arish

Palms El Arish is far off the beaten track in Egypt and so it gets a reduced number of tourists each year. But it is Sinai's main Mediterranean Sea resort and the capital of the North Sinai governorate. Here you will find good restaurants, hotels and several resort complexes. There is a Pharaonic fortress at El Arish that was rebuilt by the Ottomans in 1560, Restored by Boneparte's troops in 1799, and destroyed by British bombers during World War I. In addition you will have a rare find in the permanent exhibition of the arts and traditions of the Bedouin near the zoological gardens at the edge of town. El Arish's main attraction consists of its shady palm-lined beaches and the clear waters of the Mediteranean sea.

The idea of exporting gas to Israel has been under discussion for several years. The most ambitious version of the scheme would involve the construction of an offshore pipeline from El Arish in Sinai up the coast of Israel, with a possible extension onward to Turkey. The East Mediterranean Gas Company (a consortium of EGPC, Merhav of Israel, and Egyptian businessman Hussein Salem) has been set up to pursue the project. ENI has nearly completed a pipeline up Egypt's Mediterranean coast to El Arish, which could serve as a starting point for the export pipeline. Recent gas finds offshore from Israel have raised questions about Israel's need for imports, however. The Egyptian and Israel governments held discussions of the proposal in 2000, but have not signed an agreement. Recent political tensions in the region may further delay the negotiations.

El Arish can be reached through inland travel by bus or car or by airplane.


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