Trekking Locations

trekkingThe trekking locations described here belong to the Protectorate of St. Catherine. For your convenience we offer fixed itineraries as well as customized routes.
There is more to the Saint Katherine Protectorate than just St. Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai (Jebel Musa in Arabic). A wealth of cultural, natural, historical and religious artefacts await discovery within the 4350 square km of the protectorate. The unique high altitude desert ecosystem and the religious landscape surrounding St. Catherine’s Monastery are intertwined with treasures of Bedouin life and culture.
All visitors to the mountain region must be accompanied by a Bedouin guide. Your Bedouin guide will share his extraordinary knowledge of this area's rich environment, and help make your walk safe and easy. All the information described here is meant to complement your experience with your Bedouin guide whilst inside the Protectorate


We are also open to any inquiries you might have and in addition we organize frequent trips in the area surrounding Dahab. After a couple of days' trekking you'll feel better than ever!



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